Martina Dierico

Marta dorme nel letto di tre fiumi


Interactive installation / June 26, 2015

BACO - Base Arte COntemporanea, Palazzo della Misericordia Via Arena, 9, Bergamo,

upper town


“Marta dorme nel letto di tre fiumi” (Marta sleeping in three rivers bed) is a project by Martina Dierico, curated by MAPS - Museum of Art in Public Space and Daniele Maffeis. Even before that an exhibition, “Marta dorme nel letto di tre fiumi” is first of all a relational and participatory project, conceived to go beyond the limits of a traditional exhibition spaces and relate directly to the city of Bergamo.

“Marta dorme nel letto di tre fiumi” is the title of an unpublished short story that Martina Dierico commissioned Leo Merati, young author from Bergamo. We know that the story is about a singular research and a chance meeting, we know that the city of Bergamo is its background, or rather a supporting actor. Nothing more.

There are 29 copies of the book but each copy contains one and only one page of the tale. As of April 26 at the Hunt Book and throughout the summer, the 29 partial editions will be scattered in different places of the city of Bergamo: libraries, markets, bookstores, newsstands. Anyone stumble in one of the books can freely take and, communicating via email a code, choose to unlock his page. A digital version of the book, freely accessible via the web, hosts only the pages unlocked so far.


On Facebook page martadorme you can follow the developments of the project, to know when a new page is unlocked and find any clues about the distribution of the books in the city.


The project started on the occasion of the Book Hunt organized in conjunction with the 56th edition of the Book Fair: the finding of the first of the 29 incomplete books was one of the trials of the Book Hunt.

On June 26, 2015 Baco - Base Arte COntemporanea hosted the only complete copy of the book showned inside the microgallery, the MAPS - Museum of Art in Public Space project room, together with a digital display to see the pages unlocked so far. At the end of the year (2015), will be published a micro-catalogue that will collect the documentation and the results of the entire project.

The articulated processual architecture orchestrated by Martina Dierico proves capable of arousing thoughts on current particularly salient dynamics: the production, distribution and fragmentation of information and their constant - but often discontinuous - transfer from analog to digital, and vice versa; the ability of a fragmentary stimulus to arouse interest and carve out a space for attention amid the glut of surrounding stimuli; the ability to relate to the general and incidental audience and the attempt to induce them to an active participation.


About the artist

Martina Dierico  is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts “G.Carrara” despite the young age her research has already fixed points and clear distinctive characteristic; often works including the “other” in the development of the project. The loss of reference points and the combination of different levels and languages appears as signs of the methodology of development of her work which also has a strong emotional value.


This exhibition is realised in the frame of Polarexpo 2015

and realised thanks to the contribution of the "Politiche Giovanili" of the Bergamo's Municipality

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Browse online the unlocked pages of the book


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