Eva Marisaldi

Curated by Martina Dierico & Clara Scola

event hosted by Antonello Ghezzi

October 12, 2016 hrs 6,00pm

Piazzale Jacchia 1/4 Bologna

(Art Nouveau building of Giardini Margherita, entrance on the back)

For HOMECOMING Eva Marisaldi presents an arrangement, a work conceived for another small art space.

The work is titled “Fuori” (Out) and was created in the frame of the project "Letargo" at Magra museum in Granara in 2014. The organization of the activities in this space is curated by three artists Alessandra Andrini, Luca Bertolo, Chiara Camoni.

The small museum is located on the Parma Apennines.

Out, it is composed of a red roof, (fabric, exposed from the end of summer for almost a year to atmospheric agents and to the sporadic visitor), and by two photographs, saved from the mesh, printed on aluminum A5. The two photos are taken from a small collection of satellite pictures of geographic sites with areas hidden through decoration.

These masks are made for military strategic reasons.

The roof has four pages like a book or an open notebook and talk about a measurable time interval in the human calendar, less tangible when referring to the time of reading.

(At that time it was read of other red roofs in Palestine and Israel.)

HOMECOMING is a project born from the need to bring microgallery back in Tirana, after the gallery hosted Martina Dierico’s exhibition in Bergamo.

microgallery is the project room of MAPS - Mobile Archive on Public Space, it is conceived as a portable gallery in miniature, a "white cube" of 50x50x50cm, also hosted every time by a different space for its events.

Martina Dierico and Clara Scola are the young artists who will curate the project through a journey that will stop in some cities, each of which will host microgallery for a one night exhibition.

5 stages, 5 exhibitions each with an artist who lives or works in that city. 5 events hosted by a different space in every city.

HOMECOMING is also a collateral event and a countdown towards "Teatri I Gjelberimit" (Teatro di Verzura), a huge retrospective about art in public space in Tirana from 1998 to 2016. The exhibition is inspired by the projects that in 1937, a young Italian landscape architect, Pietro Porcinai, proposed to King Zog of Albania for a greenery theater to be built in the imperial gardens. The theater remain unrealized, but this intervention suggests an alternative historical interpretation that could start from the gardens of Ottoman Tirana to the Teatro di Verzura, the creation of the artificial lake park during the socialist period, and up to the present day with the civil society protests against the overbuilding of the last remaining green area in Tirana.

About the artist

Eva Marisaldi was born in 1966 in Bologna, Italy, where she continues to live and work. Marisaldi uses a broad range of media, including installation, sculpture, video and performance. Her practice investigates the intricacies of contemporary life, at times addressing technology’s mediating capabilities, or examining the increasingly personalized character of the new service industry. Marisaldi’s poetic works often suggest a series of open-ended narratives. They incite viewers to engage with each piece by encouraging a form of interactive participation, or inviting spectators to completing the work. Eva Marisaldi has recently presented solo exhibitions at Galleria S.A.L.E.S, Rome (2009), MAMbo – Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, Bologna (2007) and Galleria Massimo De Carlo, Milan (2007). Her work has also been shown as part of “Squares of Rome” at MOCA Shanghai, Shanghai (2010), “Voyage sentimental” at FRAC - Languedoc-Roussilon, Montpellier (2009), “Peripheral Vision and Collective Body” at MUSEION, Bolzano (2008), “A Grain of Dust A Drop of Water”, the 5th Gwangju Biennial (2004) and the Sevilla Biennial (2004).


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