Francesco Pedrini

Vento (Forza 12 Tornado)

Drawing - installation / April 2012

Italian Institute of Culture, Rr. Pjeter Budi, 58/3 - Tirana (Albania)

All morning, before the tornado, it had rained. The day was dark and gloomy. The air was heavy. There was no wind. Then the drizzle increased. The heavens seemed to open, pouring down a flood. The day grew black…

Then the air was filled with 10,000 things. Boards, poles, cans, garments, stoves, whole sides of the little frame houses, in some cases the houses themselves, were picked up and smashed to earth. And living beings, too. A baby was blown from its mother’s arms. A cow, picked up by the wind, was hurled into the village restaurant.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 20, 1925


The wind has become the focus of Pedrini’s research following his visit to the Tirana National Gallery back in 2009. Whilst perusing the paintings, this very element, the wind, struck him as an indicator of strength of the painted subject. The wind “drew” the hero who stood straight, facing it without fear with his proud chest resisting it, conveying to the viewer a series of positive values worthy of his pursuit.


The project ‘Wind’ plans a series of drawings of air in its measurement scale of 12 intensities; ranging from force 12 (tornadoes) to force 0 (calm). Drawings are made with a Micro-Sandblasting Machine refering to the negatives produced by the author, based on the photographs taken by the meteorologists around the world.

Pedrini’s drawings start from the overturning of the ‘positives’ into negatives, the starting moment of the creation of an image, the mechanical process that digital photography has somehow erased, but which contains in itself an almost magical moment, that is the overturning of an image into its final appearance.

The negative is perhaps in this sense, the content of the positive, giving us the opportunity to see what we could not distinguish from the outside, the image “gaining momentum” is a container for emotions, ideas, visions, as well as the tornadoes, subject of this drawing, is the container of everything it has met along his journey, a sort of whirlpool in which the idea of perspective, time, hierarchy, nature, and man vanish in the wind movement.

A unique and powerful spectacle, the tornado redraws borders and barriers; it draws winners and losers emerging from all directions, and it strips the man off his ‘hero’ being so to compare him instead with his human self.


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